Friday, February 12, 2016

6 Face Artist Hollywood Terrible After Plastic Surgery

Smooth-faced pretty is the dream of almost every woman in the world. Various methods are becoming more beautiful women, one of them is to perform plastic surgery. It was also done some Hollywood artists so that their faces look more attractive than ever.
Hollywood celebrities intend plastic surgery to enhance her face. But unfortunately, some of these artists face became terrible even after plastic surgery.
So anyone who face terrible Hollywood actress after having plastic surgery? Reporting from various sources, summarizing 6 Hollywood actress menegrikan face after plastic surgery following:
1. Jocelyn Wildenstein
Jocelyn Wildenstein face probably already quite familiar. This one addicted socialite who had plastic surgery in 1997 after she was married to a wealthy businessman.
Reportedly Jocelyn Wildenstein spent his money amounting to $ 4 million, or approximately USD 48 billion. Not only made her look more beautiful than ever, it seems awful Jocelyn's face. Even to the extent it has been called the face of the cat until it is referred to as cat woman.
Jocelyn reportedly very fond of her change it. Every time he saw himself in the mirror, the woman who is now 74 years old was happy because it was already getting what he wanted.
2. Jennifer Grey
American actress Jennifer Grey was one of Hollywood artists are fairly plastic surgery does fail. He chose to beautify nose than before. As a result not look pretty, faces Jennifer Grey turned into bizarre.
The nose surgery to make a career 54-year-old actress was sinking. Jennifer Grey had felt sorry perform plastic surgery. In fact, before his career Jennifer Grey was at the peak of popularity.
Movie stars Dancing with the Stars is not well known even to people because it changes her face. "When you go into the operating room I felt as celebrities and outgoing person can not be recognized anymore," said Jennifer Grey at the time.
3. Donatello Versace
It is no secret that Donatello Versace several times to perform plastic surgery. Vice President renowned brand that began to change the face since the 1990s. But the results were disappointing.
Donatello's face is not more beautiful, but it looks awful. His lips became greater than ever. The skin of his face looks like drawn up to make it look very different from before.
Though many say the operation failed, the 59-year-old woman never admitted plastic surgery if it fails. Donatello did not appear as if anything happened to change his face.
4. Joan Rivers
The late Joan Rivers also somewhat failed to perform plastic surgery. The comedian began to make changes in his face when he was 32 years old. Joan Rivers've done it many times since the 1960s.
The result? Joan Rivers does not look more beautiful than ever. Even his face became terrible after having plastic surgery. Joan Rivers beautify the nose, cheek and breast implants, to tighten his face.
Joan Rivers's face is completely different from the previous. In 1965, it seems pretty natural to face what is. But everything changed since he made the plastic surgery.
5. La Toya Jackson
Michael Jackson's older brother was not satisfied with the original face is round and big eyes. For that La Toya perform plastic surgery to enhance her face. He began to change his cheeks and also discouraging.
Not only that, the American singer is also mengimplan part of his chin to make it look longer. But that does not look beautiful than ever, face La Toya just awful. He had admitted that plastic surgery makes it addictive.
Now her face seemed rigid because already many times do change. 58-year-old woman was completely different than the original face could even say he was a new person, but with the same personality.
6. Lara Flynn Boyle
Lara Flynn Boyle be one among Hollywood artists who fail to perform plastic surgery. He originally intended to beautify the face, but apparently it was not as he wishes. Lara Flynn's face just looks weird.
The television star was also awful when he smiled. That's because the face of Lara Flynn as drawn by a hard object. The shape of the upper lip film The Rookie player's lips look fuller than the original.
It seems that plastic surgery is done to make Lara Flynn regret. Reportedly, since plastic surgery is the decline of his career.

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